Station Mladen forex

station Mladen forex

think a certain lifestyle can be theirs only if they believe! These kind of vague images and"s directly hit the rewards part of their brain. Now that weve identified our target audience, we can start getting them to trust us through simple manipulation. We dont like this hard work stuff. So you need to make success look like it takes 2 hours a week, can be done from anywhere in the world, and always returns huge rewards. Also make sure to never take into account refunds, bank fees, sweat equity, taxes, paying employees or any of those other costs. We need to establish authority and wealth by showing cool shit weve done. For example: Just let them assume these numbers are meaningful, like this: You e reality of those numbers is booorrringg. Shit like this really turns the pressure up for vulnerable people to buy.

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Were trying to scam people into buying a shitty productso we have to make them feel stupid for not doing. Make them feel really stupid for not buying! It makes you seem like an inspirational figure. Show pictures of yourself randomly flying in 1st class seats: Show pictures of activities that poor people cant t forex chinese yuan YOU can because youre such a baller! This is a what a lot of life coaches. Who is online, in total there are 255 users online : 37 registered, 4 hidden and 214 guests based on users active over the past 60 minutes. But you cant use rational logic to explain this! By the time we apply some fancy copywriting and psychology to these gullible people, theyll be willingly handing over their money.

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